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24/7 High-Pressure Water Jetting Services

If you’re frustrated dealing with blocked drains, call us today and we will send out a licensed plumber to your location with a modern high water pressure jet to clear the blockage in a hurry. We are on call night and day and you can rely on us no matter when you need a drain pipe cleared. 

 For any more information regarding our services for high pressure water jetting in Sydney, please contact Commando Plumbing on this number (02) 9160 0324 or send us your queries and requests through the email or Online Enquiry form on this page. 

High Pressure Water Jetting

High Pressure Water Jetting in Sydney

If you find yourself struggling with slow draining sinks or showers and find that a plunger just isn’t doing the trick, contact Commando Plumbing for prompt and reliable high pressure water jetting in Sydney. The water jet blasts all the blockages quickly and you can have clear and clean drains within the shortest possible time.

Water jet blasting is also called hydro-blasting, and is a modern technique used to unblock and quickly clean pipe work. This technique is highly effective because high pressure water is used to flush debris from the pipe rather than push it deeper in. This technique helps remove all the clogs and debris from the pipe and minimises the chances of blockages in the future as well. 

What is high Pressure water jetting in Sydney?

Benefits of high Pressure Water Jetting 
  • Penetrates and emulsifies grease
  • Breaks through sludge, debris as well as foreign material
  • Flushing out matter and leaves lines clear
  • Pulverises roots
  • Helps us inspect the pipe using CCTV drain cameras and find the blockages easily
  • Helps remove the most stubborn tree roots

Using a combination of a CCTV drain camera, water jet blaster, and locator helps us provide our clients a thorough services and is one of the best ways to identify the exact location of and clear drains.

Differences Between An Electric Eel And High Pressure Water Jet

Although electric eels cut through roots, the debris remain in the pipe line resulting in blockages further downstream. But when a jet blaster is used, the roots are cleared and quickly flushed through the pipe and that prevents further blockages.

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