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24/7 Pipe Relining in Sydney

For any more information regarding our services for pipe relining in Sydney, please contact Commando Plumbing on this number (02) 9160 0324 or send us your queries and requests through the email or Online Enquiry form on this page. 

Pipe Relining

Pipe Relining in Sydney

When it comes to underground pipes, any deterioration or damage isn’t easily visible. But if there is a significant accumulation of water or flooding in that area, you would know there is an issue and should call Sydney plumbers like us at Commando Plumbing to deal with it and provide pipe relining in Sydney. We are a company with more than 25 years of experience in the industry and cater to residential and commercial clients across the region.

Regardless of what has caused the problem, you can trust us to provide you with reliable and timely services at cost-effective pricing. We use the latest equipment and technology in our work like CCTV drain cameras to identify the exact location of the damage. Once we have visuals of these damaged pipes, we may recommend that you get pipe relining in Sydney done. 

Pipe Relining Services Sydney

These pipes can suffer damage due to:

  • Age 
  • The pressure of the ground around them
  • The natural movement of the soil 
  • Poor quality installations
  • Neglect 
  • Other 


What is Pipe Relining?

This is a revolutionary technology that has made underground pipe repairs easy. In this process, we first clean the pipe thoroughly from inside and clear all the debris, roots and sediment build-up. 

Once we have done that, the experts will then insert an epoxy sleeve into the pipe and inflate it via a unique process, allowing it to set for a few hours. This sleeve fits snugly into the pipe creating a seamless coating that is both resilient and long-lasting. There are numerous benefits to Sydney pipe relining, such as:

  • Non-invasive 
  • Quick process 
  • Reliable fix 
  • Work covered with guarantees
  • Can be used to line various types of pipes 
  • Less damage to the hardscaping
  • Cost-effective pipe repair solution

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